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We are a “team” of experts who strive to continuously develop and improve on the provision of the best ever outsourced consultative services. Because we know and can do it better, you can relax with a smile and concentrate on the
key areas of you competencies. Our strategies present timely, quality, efficient and cost cutting solutions required to grow your organization.

When you outsource your services to us, we professionally handle your needs, as if your company were ours, we embrace it with all our sound mind and heart and come up with effective solutions that integrate perfectly with the whole of your business.

Engage us and experience ease.

Easipro Payroll Software

We are proud to introduce our new top of the range easy to use “Easipay Payroll solution” This payroll system comprises two solutions, one for payroll
calculation based on production done and the other based on time worked. Choose to use one or both if you have departments operating on both time and production basis. This system has good features such as statutory returns management, leave management, and employee self-service where they can apply leave, access payslips and an employer terminal benefit calculator plus much more.

Labour Outsource

Outsource the contract personnel of a whole department move ownership of your employees to us. Read More

Payroll and HR Outsource

Alternate to outsourcing the whole personnel department, youcan hire us to do Human resources and Payroll services of your contract personnel Read More

Payroll Management System Solutions

Outsource the contract personnel of a whole department move ownership of your employees to us. Read More

Corporate Accounting Services

  • Clerical staff, preparation and final accounts.
  • Accounting systems setup and training.
  • Books and system audit.Read More

Accounts Receivables Management

We believe a client is a king who needs not to be harassed or threatened yet being cashless can compromise smooth and succesful operations of the business. Read More


  • Training and development.
  • Leadership training.
  • Customer Care Training. Read More