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    At Easipro, we partner our clients to emerge with best outsourced solutions that cater for each specific need at hand.  We are composed of various skills and our experience in multiple industries enable us to provide working and winning solutions. Try us.




    We  listen, we build, we deliver, you smile


    Key Services Offered :

    • Human Capital Management Outsource
    • Payroll Services Outsource
    • Accounting and Bookkeeping
    • Accounts Receivables Management

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    Intergrative Solutions

    Winning Moves

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    On Time Service Provision

    Human Capital Solutions

    A correctly aligned job, mannned with the right personell, For the right cost, under right leadership, success is guaranteed

    Accounting and Bookkeeping

    We interpret the Debits and Credits. We configure the life, direction and future of bussinesses through figures

    Accounts Receivables Management

    When we communicate with your customers, the response is 1…..they pay.

    Outsourced Labour and Payroll Service

    A non-labour dispute environment is possible, forget about payroll related worries. Get in touch with our consultants.

                                                              Our Core Services

    Human Capital Management

    We believe the human mind is the greatest machinery that can ever be. We believe in the strength of properly equiping and employing skill to achieve desired results. We invest heavily in providing improved and enhanced ways of

    • Skill Acquisition and Engagement,
    • Contracts of Employment Administration,
    • Training and Development,
    • Job Evaluations and grading,
    • Grievance Handling and Disciplinary Procedure,
    • Employee motivation and refresher courses plus many more
    Outsourced Payroll and Labour Solutions

    Outsource the contract personell of a whole department from us or engage us to manage “your” contract workers payroll. By outsourcing your labourforce from us, you create additional time to focus on the strategic facets of your business, reduce costs and avoid labour disputes. Get in touch for more.

    Accounting and Bookeeping
    • Clerical Staff,Bookkeeping,
    • Management And Final Accounts
    • Accounting Systems Setup and Training
    • Accounting System steps  and Procedures establishment for capturing day to day transactions
    •  Systems audit and Loophole Checks
    • Accounts Interpretation and Advisory Services
    • Stock Takes and Stock Monitoring Systems
    • and many more
    Accounts Receivables Management

    The main objective of a bussiness is to get paid. Non payment or late payment diversely affects the smooth running of any bussiness. Are your customers habitually paying late or not paying at all? We can assist you in having timely payments from your customers without affecting your relationship with them.

    Payroll System

    A pair of morden payroll systems tailor made for the Zimbabwean community. Apart from one system being a time based and the other being production based, they both equip our clients with easy calculation of earnings and deductions, generate statutory reports and returns for Nssa, Zimra PAYE, Nec, Pensions, and payslips. Leave management, cost analysis are other derivatives from the many benefits you get. Get in touch for a wonderful experience for less.

    Bussiness Consultancy

    What is your need? We can tailor make solutions according to you need.

    Question & Answer

    We exist to serve

    Our existence is enabled by the need of creating ample time to grow organisations. Whilst you want to grow you need robust support systems that will anchor you to go up. That’s where we come in

    Do you want to reduce your cost?

    Our perculiar solutions oftenly result in efficient means of production and reduced cost therefore. Talk to us and we will equip you with a cost cutting solution

    Do you believe in premier service?

    Because we exist to serve, we thrive in providing top ranking services that compliment with your goals. Quality is our objective, you will enjoy the experience of quality services and systems .

    Do you want to focus on growing your bussiness?

    Outsourcing your bussiness functionalities to us create for you more time to focus on your bussiness growth. As you will surely receive confidence in our provision, your mind and powers are opened to strategising on growth and development.

    ‘Alone we can do so little, Together we can do so much’ Hellen Keller. Lets Team up