Welcome to Easipro

At Easipro, we utilise skill to acquire desirable results. We are products of experience, developers of talent and we match tasks with the correct talent.

You might be lacking proper know how on a problem, it might be a task which you know how to deal with, but just lack that time to deal with it or you want to reduce costs. That is where we come in. Each problem is scientifically analysed. Our expert consultants embrace the problem and develop strategies that will best solve the problem on hand, and together, we emerge with a winning solution. Take a quick look below at a few of the many services we offer.

Labour Outsource

We partner organisations by providing contract labour. Are you looking for seasonal labour management, periodic or constant contract personnel? Read More

Payroll and HR Outsource

We assist organisations in HR and Payroll related issues. Contracts Admin, Payroll Admin, Grievance or Dispute handling procedures etc Read More

Payroll Management System

Are you looking for a payroll system that will make calculation of salaries, Nssa, Zimra and other statutory returns, Payslip issuing more easy?. Read More

Corporate Accounting Services

We have an experienced Accounting team that assists you in the preparation of books, customer, supplier and bank reconciliation, and Final Accounts preparations.Read More

Accounts Receivables Management

Smoothflow of operations, expansion and growth is all a product of smooth cashflows. We have winning ways that encourage debtors to pay on time. Read More


  • Employee Undercover services
  • Loophole checks
  • Training and development
  • Stock Takes and stock monitoring systems
  • Customer Service Surveys and Trainings
  • Marketing Services
  • Project Management
  • Financial Advise and Sourcing
  • what do you have in mind?

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