About Us

Our History

We have wider experience in providing outsourced service to major companies in various industries. We have experience in managing organisations with huge staff compliments and complex recording transactions. Our experience in FMCG, Petroleum, Distribution, Retail and Wholesale, Academia, Transport, Health, Construction and other various industries is wide.

Organizations that have partaken of our outsourced services have received the benefits of reduced costs, quality service and satisfaction relevant to achieving company objectives. We hesitate nothing as we have been there. Because we have proper skills for every task and have done it for long, we do it right within little space and create for you more time to channel towards improving your organization. Experience the joy and smile we bring to your space by trying
our services. You won’t regret the experience.

Who we are

We are a “team” of experts who strive to continuously develop and improve on the provision of the best ever outsourced consultative services. Because we have the skill, the experience and enhanced ways of doing tasks, you can relax with a smile and concentrate on the
key  competencies of your organisation.

Our strategies present timely, quality, efficient and cost cutting solutions required to grow an organization. When you outsource your services to us, we professionally handle your needs, as if your company were ours , we embrace it with all our sound mind and heart and come up with effective solutions that integrate perfectly with the whole of your business.

Engage us and experience ease.


Client Satisfaction

The team at Easipro is not only timely and professional, but also extremely friendly. They assisted us with out payroll system. Highly recomended.

Mark Juru

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a trusted solutions partner in all the various arms of the business where skill is concerned.

Our mission

Each opportunity we get to serve, we impart:-


We deliver without delay or compromise