Payroll Management Solutions

We are proud to introduce our new, top of the range and easy to use
“Easipay Payroll solution”. This payroll system comprises two solutions, one for payroll calculation based on production done and the other based on time worked. Our system is not only for calculation of payroll items, but also encourages statutory compliance, and produces reports that can be utilised in Accounting, Human Capital planning and other relevant business analytics. You can choose to use one or both if you have departments operating on both time and production basis.

This system has good features such as statutory returns management, leave management, and employee self-service where they can apply for leave, access payslips and an employer terminal benefit calculator plus much more.

Our payroll System is designed to eliminate the hassles in payroll calculations, Statutory Obligations compliance, and employee satisfaction. Its also meant to make payroll calculation an easy and timeless task thus creating more room for Human Resources personnel to invest on other business tasks.